COVID-19 Preparedness plan


Redeemer senior members and friends(Those between 60 and 95 ears of age).

Seniors have special needs and concerns and the RGSC-REDEEMER GOLDEN SENIORS CLUB are planning to address some of them from a Biblical/Christian Redeemer perspective.

Some of these issues include: relying on Christ's Grace, staying strong in the Faith, home vs. other living options, tax change rules because of the virus, alert with the NEW fraudulent onslaughts, etc. There are many other vital issues to be addressed  for us seniors.

Several knowledgeable speakers are scheduled for upcoming meetings, when we are able to meet again in person. It is well known that seniors prefer meetings where we meet together in person versus the viral electronic media. 

Looking forward to the future when we are able to meet again in person.

In the meantime, an optional periodical e-mail/ letter is planned in order for us to stay in touch. 

Call Rolly and I, if we can be of support or just listen.

Al  and Rolly Heitkamp  952-540-6471.